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An uneven field for independent artist

Posted in,charity,darmik,drm,independent media,Major Label,music,Snocap,Technology by williamdyson on March 27, 2007

The ugly hidden truth about most of the current music services offering (Check the Snocap pricing matrix here ) for artist is that through complicated fee matrix that hide the fact that they create an uneven playing field for independent artist and labels that are not attached to one of the majors. Some of the services that participate in the lowering of the field for independents artist and labels are backed by the majors either financially (Directly or through proxy investors) or helped along in their business by begin given some access to content. This means that the through these services the majors have cooped the independent artist into their distribution channel and into their drm schemes. All of this while charging the independent artist and label to use the service.

I think that the only way to truly lower the playing field for independent artist and labels is to have a service that gives them the ability to sell and distribute their content at a price point that mathces what the majors would pay to use such a service. Zero.
Currently charges no fee to list or to sell music. Currently Artist and independents that sell on receive 100% of the revenue. All we ask in return is that you use your Darmik payment rule to donate to at least one Darmik listed charity. Once an Aritst or Label has their tracks on Darmik they can be easily sold on the social network as well as any other webpage or social network. As companies and Darmik give a portion of their revenue to charity.


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  1. Larisa said,


    I was interested in the fact that you advertise your site as “socially responsible,” since that clearly isn’t how places like Myspace advertise themselves.

    However, when I go to the site I see no way to get information about your privacy policy or the licensing agreement you have for people that sign up, what relationship you have to any data they provide to you, whether knowingly (by posting personal photos or information) or unknowingly (by you tracking their inputs). Am I missing something?

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